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Location: Murcia, Spain

Client: Torre Pacheco City Council

State: Competition

Year: 2005

It is pursued with special emphasis the creation of public space, both the exterior and the interior public space, due to its importance as we understand the town hall as the home of all citizens. For this reason, the new town hall has been created based on an interior public space configured as a general hall, and which involves the expansion of the public square created in front of the building. In this way, the building is located at the eastern end of the plot, freeing the front of it towards the Villa Esperanza promenade and the new care center of the town, creating a plaza between both buildings.

Although the proposal emphasizes the public character of the building, it does not forget the work spaces and institutional spaces. All work areas are inserted in a continuous band that runs around the entire perimeter of the building, so that all employees and officials of the town hall are next to a window and can enjoy natural lighting. The institutional or more representative areas, such as the Plenary Hall, the Reception area and the Mayor's Office, have been grouped on the top floor of the building, which has a higher free height, and which also rises slightly above the skyline of the town providing magnificent views of the municipality.