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Location: Madrid, Spain

Program: Urben planning

Client: Madrid City Council

State: Competition. Honorable mention

Year: 2019


The project site is a clear example of residual space between the different urban fragments that form the metropolitan periphery of a city like Madrid. The main objective of the project has been to reverse its current identity as a space that divides the city to become a space of new centrality that sew the city (Zipper City) and that stimulates the relations of proximity between residential areas, productive spaces and public spaces by inserting new typological models of each of them. This transformation of the site occurs through the reactivation, reprogramming and renaturation of these residual spaces. The result is a hybrid landscape that combines urban and natural qualities, central and peripheral potentials, and productive, recreational and residential uses. The intervention becomes a great ecological infrastructure in all senses, as this new kind of hybrid urban landscape allows new ways of social, economic, and environmental interactionsl.