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High performance center and residence for athletes

Location: Madrid, Spain

State: Construction Design Project

Year: 2003

The proposal arises as a response to the different territorial and conceptual scales involved; following the guidelines that emerge from the identity of the site itself and the required spatial needs.

In a landscape of platforms that color the Castilian plain, and enhanced with a sculptural piece such as the Peineta, which centralizes all the attention, the project seeks only to be a natural part of the place.

The sports program has been organized in a single, open and flexible space. The large roof that closes this space houses the rest of the assistance program for the sports complex. The variations in the thickness of the roof, as well as the way in which light penetrates through it, qualifies the different sports areas, thus satisfying the individual dimensional and lighting needs of each area.

The complex remains half-buried, artificially reconstructing one of the platforms, understood as such as it is a garden roof. The variation in the direction of the roof skylights as a response to the need to assess the different sports areas is perceived from the outside as grooves in the ground, evoking in its view from the Peineta the plowed fields of Castilla.