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Headquarters of the City Council of Las Torres de Cotillas and of the Municipal Police

Location: Murcia, Spain

Client: Las Torres de Cotillas City Council

State: Competition

Year: 2005

Urban proposal: The building is located at the southeastern end of the plot, freeing the front of the plot towards calle d'Estoup and the street that delimits the site to the north, creating a large plaza before the town hall. This square is slightly recessed, standing at the same level as the access floor to the council, and achieving a more secluded character of the square in front of the public thoroughfare, in such a way that it is accentuated as a living space, reinforcing this quality by means of an envelope plant formed by medium-sized trees. The space between the street that closes the site to the north, and the town hall turns into a slight ramp with a 6.5% slope that descends from the level of the aforementioned street to the level where the dependencies are located. of the municipal police, so that they have their own access from the square and even facilitating access, if necessary, with a vehicle to the door of the same. The role played by the square as a prelude to the town hall is reinforced by the use of arcades on the west and north facades, which correspond respectively to the general access of the building and to the access to the municipal police offices.

The City Hall:  The town hall is in itself and par excellence the town house, or the home of all citizens, so that the proposal seeks with special emphasis the spatial treatment of the places that correspond to the interior transit through the town hall that any citizen performs that goes to carry out a management in it. Thus, an interior route is proposed that gives access to all the municipal offices of a public nature that make up the building. This route, understood as an autonomous element in itself, varies its spatial qualities at each point of the route to satisfy the needs that are required, generating waiting or rest areas (such as in the mayor's office and political groups), or be configured as a prelude to spaces as representative as the plenary hall.