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Single family house

Location: Asturias, Spain

Client: Private

State: Built

Year: 2014

This detached house is located in a hilly area near the sea. This topographical context means that the building is observed on many occasions from heights much higher than its own, making the roof the most visible element of the building..

The project thus understands the roof as one of its most notorious elements, but not so much in a close view of the building, but on the contrary, as a landscape element in a larger-scale visual context. In fact, the roof disappears in many of the near views of the building, and only when moving away from it does it reappear as part of the landscape.

Programmatically the house is structured in two pieces, one dedicated to daytime uses (living room, kitchen), and others to nighttime or rest (bedrooms). Both pieces overlap in the access space to the house.

Each of the pieces that make up the house has an independent sloping roof, with a double slope with respect to the geometry of the house. The first one, with respect to the longitudinal axis of the building, makes the two roofs rise towards the point of contact of both pieces, the access point to the house, recalling the gabled roofs of the old typical farmhouses of the place. . The second in the transverse axis allows to protect the house and the garden from the prevailing winds in the area, also improving the sunlight of the same.

The result is two roofs with slopes diagonal to the pieces that cover and that are understood as two planes that float in the landscape, and that rise to highlight certain landscape views, towards the sea and towards a large-scale architectural complex, an icon of this place.