Rodrigo Núñez Architects - rn.a -  We are an architecture studio that develop our professional work with the maximum social commitment, carefully studying the needs of our clients, to offer them a tailored to them response. A response that is at the same time creative, efficient, rigorous and committed. We are moved by our commitment to ecology, sustainability and energy efficiency, our interest in the construction of spaces that allow new ways of living that are adapted or adaptable to each individual, our interest in how architecture contributes to the construction of social and urban identities, our desire to design flexible spaces that are capable of evolving in the same way as their users, our interest in the involvement of architecture in the processes of cultural hybridization and social transformation, and our interest in the appearance of new materials and construction processes and the recovery of disused traditional construction materials and systems

Areas of activity: architecture, urban planning, landscaping, interior design, conceptual development, branding, design, publishing, consulting.

Rodrigo Núñez Carrasco

Founder and Director

Academic background: Architect bythe Polytechnic University of Madrid (2003) and winner of the Caja de Architects Foundation scholarship for the ten best academic records in Spain. In 2017 he finished his Phd Thesis entitled "The Scales of Time. Chronostrategies in the architecture of Rem Koolhaas", which focuses on the study of temporal implications in architecture taking the work of Rem Koolhaas as a reference, and which obtained the Outstanding qualification Cum Laude awarded by the tribunal composed of Rafael Moneo, Juan Calatrava, Beatriz Colomina, Javier Monclús and Federico Soriano.

Professional activity: In 2005 he founded RN.A, carrying out numerous projects. Many of these projects have been published in various media and have been part of various exhibitions.

Previously, he was a member of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) working alongside the architect Rem Koolhaas and participating, among others, in the development of the China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters in Beijing, in the Koningin Juliana Plein Building in The Hague, in the competition for the Headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, in the Urban Development S-project in Seoul and in the Museum of the Seoul National University.

Teaching activity: Since 2005 he has been a teacher of the Degree in Architecture at the Intitute of Technology of the CEU-San Pablo University in Madrid, as well as a teacher of different postgraduate programs such as the Master in Urban Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy). He has also been visiting professor at different universities such as the Zhejiang University (China), the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates), and the José Antonio Echeverría University of Technology (Cuba), and has also taught different conferences and participated in different debates.

Editorial activity: Since 2012, the year of its foundation, he is the editorial secretary of "Constelaciones, architecture magazine" indexed by Avery and Latindex among others. He is also the author of different articles and books on various topics related to architecture.

Research activity: From RN.A he focuses its activity on the investigation of the different processes of social transformation that affect architecture. He is also, or has been, a member of different research groups linked to academic institutions.

Institutional activity: Since 2019 he is the Director of the CEU Sustainability Lab, which seeks the maximum commitment of architecture to sustainability from an environmental, social or economic point of view.

Selection of awards: He has received different awards in the different areas of his professional practice.

Professional activity: First prize in competition for Social Housing Building in Garralda (2019). Special mention in the EUROPAN 15 competition at Madrid-La Arboleda site (2019). Second prize in the International Competition for the Renovation of the Plaza de España in Madrid (2017). Selected in the XIII Brick Architecture Prize for the project House in the Forest project (2015). Finalist in the EUROPAN 11 competition at the Vienna site (2011). Second Prize in the Competition for the Sports Center in Siete Infantes de Lara (2007). Second Prize in the Competition for the expansion and rehabilitation of the Old Telefónica Building in León (2005). Second Prize in the Competition for a Social Housing Building at the PAU of Carabanchel (2003).

Research activity: Special Award for the best research work in the area of ​​Fine Arts, Music, Architectural Design or Graphic Ideation of the X Arquímedes Contest of Scientific Research organized by the Ministry of Education (2011).

Teaching activity: Ángel Herrera Award for the best teaching work of the Intitute of Technology of the CEU-San Pablo University of Madrid XVIII Edition (2015). Second prize of the European Award for Best Practices for the Integration of Sustainable Human Development into Technology and Engineering Education (2014). Third Prize for Teaching Innovation from CEU San Pablo University (2013).

Andi Toompuu

Partner Architect

Academic background: Architect by the University CEU San Pablo (2021) and Lawyer by the University of Stockholm (2010).

Professional activity: Collaborator at RN.A since 2017 and associate since 2021. Project Engineer at the world leading multinational construction and development company Skanska Sverige AB during 2014 - 2015. Founder and parter of Swedish law firm since 2010.

Selection of awards: CEU Ángel Herrera Award for the best school academic award (2018-2019). 2nd prize in social housing competition by Madrid Municipal Housing Company EMVS (2019). CEU Scholarship for being one of the two students with the highest overall mark (2017-2018)

Team members since 2005: Lucas Zaragüeta (architecture student), Álvaro Pozo (architecture student), Paula Pérez (architect), Federico Martínez (architecture student), Juan A. Fuentes (architecture student), Juan Carrascosa (architect), Carlos Garberi (architect), Carlos Vega (architecture student), Diego González (architecture student), Fernando Bello (architecture student), Pablo Blanco (architecture student), Carlota Álvarez (architect), Jorge Borondo (architect), Iñigo Esteban (architect), Guillermo Álvarez (architect), Enrique Sánchez (architect), Pablo Benito (architect), Daniel Robles (civil engineer), Carolina Botrán (architect), Manuel Molins (architect), Alberto Jiménez (architect), Beatriz Morán (architect), Angel Buendía (architect), Charles Murzeau (architect), Francisco Benítez (architect), y Elena Freire (architect).

External collaborators: José Robla (facilities engineer),  Delta 259 Ingeniería (Santiago Sanchez, structures engineer),  Técnica Verde (Javier Casado), La Catedral Animation Studio (Juan Carlos Mostaza y Pablo López), Mariano Molina (architect) y Maribel Castilla (architect).

Collaborations with others architects: Nazareth Gutierrez, Iñigo Núñez, Silvia Gallarreta, Camia Young, Benedicte Erritzoe, Veremundo Núñez e Isidro Luna.