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Headquarters of the Foundation of the College of Architects of León and its delegation in Salamanca

Location: Salamanca, Spain

Client: COAL

State: Competition

Year: 2005

The proposal arises with the clear will to create a new cultural space that adds to the rich fabric of the historic center of Salamanca, in addition to meeting the needs of the Delegation of the College of Architects, and that represents a new point of reference within the urban fabric and especially within the area of this in which it is located. For this reason, the proposal has clearly and physically differentiated the two fundamental parts of the program, on the one hand the Delegation of the Official College of Architects of León in Salamanca, and on the other the headquarters of the Cultural Foundation of the same College. Thus the FUNCOAL headquarters is presented to the passerby as an autonomous building, a cultural space that would collect what the proposed program called a polyfunctional room, and which in this case becomes a polyfunctional building, while the Delegation building would collect the rest of dependencies.

The space between both volumes is configured as the public space that is given to the city, which is understood as a fundamental part of the proposal, becoming a prelude to the two proposed buildings, and which is fully defined and qualified by them, preventing it from become a residual space between the proposal and the rest of the urban fabric.