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4 Social Dwellings Building

Location: Navarra, Spain

Client: Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda (Nasuvinsa) 

State: Competition. First Prize

Under construction

Year: 2019

In collaboration with: Naza Arquitectura y Diseño

One of the fundamental objectives pursued in the project has been its landscape adaptation to an environment as well cared for as Garralda, as well as its significance in it. Derived from an analysis of the typical morphological configurations of the Navarrese farmhouse and the rest of the buildings in the town, it has been proposed to divide the required program into two buildings whose proportions are much better adjusted to the typical volumes of the area. In addition, it has opted for a steep roof as is the case in many of the town's hamlets, which makes it possible to take advantage of an undercover plant. These two pieces are arranged in opposite directions to favor their integration into urban and landscape ensembles. Integration that is clearly reinforced with the use of typical local materials, such as white plastering on the fronts, friar walls and ground floor walls, as well as the wood on the roof (recovering the use of the wooden tile that was so typical in this valley) and in the gallery on the first floor, both merging into a single element that gives the building greater character and identity. The exterior treatment of the plot allows us to understand it as a continuity of the nature of the surrounding fields, I understand the intervention as a twin between these and the urban nucleus of Garralda.