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Residential and welfare complex for the Assido association of people with Down syndrome

Location: Murcia, Spain

Client: Assido

State: Competition

Year: 2016

The proposal is structured following the following design premises:

Intimate and quiet environment: It has been chosen to create four patios on which most of the program is dumped, increasing the privacy and tranquility of the different spaces of the program.

Maximum contact with nature: All the patios have been landscaped, as well as the perimeter of the plot and the roof where the complex's garden is located. The latter, which has been distributed in different areas, has views both towards the city center and towards the Sierra de Carrascoy and Cresta del Gallo behind it.

Maximum programmatic versatility: A distribution of the program has been chosen that allows different configurations of use, from the independent operation of each of the three pieces that make up the program (Central Resources of Assido, Cepap and Residencia) as well as their operation as a whole. In this way, maximum flexibility is guaranteed in case it is decided in the future to change the operation of the center.

Climate adaptation: A solar protection system has been proposed using a second façade that reduces on average the solar indecency on the glass panels by 88%, although in the upper areas, the most exposed to solar radiation, this percentage increases (in addition to achieve greater privacy in certain areas of the building where it is necessary). In addition, the garden roof allows to considerably reduce the effect of thermal overheating per roof, by increasing its inertia and its ability to dissipate heat.