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77 social dwellings

Localtion: Madrid, Spain

Client: Municipal Housing Company of Madrid

State: Competition. Second Prize

Year: 2003

The proposed site is located in the meeting between the old consolidated plot of Carabanchel Alto, formed by buildings of three heights and that maintain the alignment to the road, with the new urban development proposed by the PAU, which at this point of the same allows up to 5 heights, and greater freedom of movement of the building. In this context, the proposal seeks to be a transitional piece, which helps a greater link between both frames. That is why a building is proposed that seeks the greatest compactness, reducing its development to three heights plus attics. It is made up of two linear blocks that maintain the alignment, although slightly set back, throughout the length of the site, and that enclose an intimate interior patio through which the houses can be accessed. In addition, a small part of the plot is freed up to maintain the continuity of a walk proposed by the PAU that resolves the lateral contact with the old plot, in such a way that we allow a greater opening of the block as a whole towards the old Carabanchel.