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Localización: Ruanda

Programa: Capilla 

Cliente: Congregación de las Hermanas Clarisas

Estado: Concurso de ideas

Año: 2019


It was considered as a fundamental objective to convert this small chapel into a place of personal reflection and introspection to stimulate our spiritual side and allow us to connect with the divinity. The divine is present in the space of the chapel through the observation of the divine creation; nature, the absolute sign of the divine beauty. The chapel is understood as a point of stop on a major pilgrimage, a place without doors, always open, that invites you to access it by opening its roof to the traveller as a welcoming gesture. Subsecuently, the roof compresses the space inviting us to sit, and then, re-launches to open the space, allowing us to see; through two unique openings, the earth and the sky that represents the divine creation.